Cedar Hills Park Redevelopment – Beaverton, OR

The Cedar Hills Park Redevelopment Project is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Goodfellow Bros. Construction brought this project to Romtec to design, supply, and construct two buildings that would match structures already existing on the site. In this “turnkey” approach, Romtec does it all without the necessity of hiring an additional contractor. Romtec Turnkey services are available nationwide for Romtec building packages.

Romtec had previously completed a project for the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD) in which a restroom, a restroom/concession, a kiosk, cantilevered shelters, a small pavilion, and a large pavilion were supplied for Mountain View Champions Park. The Cedar Hills Park Redevelopment buildings were intended to match the structures provided for that previous project to give the parks system a cohesive design.

At Cedar Hills Park, Romtec supplied and installed a custom restroom/concession building and a custom restroom/storage building to service the park. The redevelopment of the park brought many new features, including athletic fields, a splashpad, and a community garden, creating the need for facilities onsite to service the visitors and house piping, chemicals, and more.

The custom Romtec restroom/concession building features men’s and women’s restroom facilities, a mechanical room, a storage room, and a concession stand for visitors. The restroom/storage building features three restrooms compliant with the American Disability Act (ADA) and a mechanical room to store chemicals and maintenance materials for the Splash Pad.

Both buildings are composed of ground-face grey block with a graffiti coating to prevent vandalism and protect the structures. The doors are finished with a Rodda Waterborne Industrial coating to protect the metal and reduce damage that can be caused by the environment (such as rust). The tops of the buildings are finished with a durable metal roofing to match the block and doors, creating a uniform look throughout the structure and matching the existing structures at the park.

The concession stand has a rolling metal shutter for easy open and close of the stand, and provides a large window for visitors to purchase snacks and drinks. Inside, stainless steel sinks and counters are fit for a higher level of use and are easy to clean for maintenance staff.

The bathrooms also feature stainless steel fixtures, and the toilets are separated by phenolic partitions for privacy. Exit switches are present in the structures to make the bathrooms more accessible for users who may need assistance with doors.

A notable fixture in these restrooms are the hand dryers, Dyson Airblade V dryers, that provide quick hand drying and reduce waste created in the restrooms. These air dryers include a HEPA filter to clean the air of bacteria and viruses before blowing air onto a guest’s hands.

The doors to the restrooms are controlled by a 7-day timer, which unlocks and locks the bathroom doors at programmed times. This improves security as it ensures that the restrooms will lock at night, but unlock in the morning without the need for maintenance personnel to manually lock or unlock the restrooms.

Romtec welcomes the opportunity to provide construction services on Romtec design and supply projects. The Cedar Hills redevelopment project revitalized a park, and Romtec is happy to have been a part of it. The Romtec construction crew was able to provide a vital part of the park for guests and The City. Our ability to match structures and our previous work with the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District is what brought Goodfellow’s to Romtec for this project, and we are grateful to continue to serve our previous customers.