Marine Stadium in Long Beach, CA

Spanish Tile and Stucco Exterior Shower Building

Romtec designed these custom restroom buildings to fit in to the upscale area around Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California. Recently, the Marine Stadium was established as a state historic site as it hosted the 1932 Olympic Rowing competition and the 1968 Olympic Rowing trials. The area is also popular as the host of the Local Harvest Farmer’s Market, which has operated at the Marine Stadium since 1997. Both restroom buildings maintain the signature appearances of the area with red, ceramic tile roofing and a stucco finish. The smaller public restroom includes two external, stainless steel sinks, two ADA bathrooms, four standard bathrooms, and an external shower for water recreationalists. The larger public restroom is located on the ocean-front beach and has 12 total bathrooms (with four ADA bathrooms), six external stainless steel sinks, and a external beach shower fixture. For California beach-goers, these Romtec public restrooms provide functional and attractive facilities specific to the needs of Long Beach.