The City of Tigard – Tigard, OR

The City of Tigard is a valued customer by Romtec, Inc. Not only are they repeat customers, but they are also in our own back yard: Oregon.

The City of Tigard purchased this “Sidewalk” Restroom through the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative, which allowed them to not only save money, but to also streamline and simplify the process of purchasing the Sidewalk Restroom. The City of Tigard contacted Romtec to purchase the Romtec Double Sidewalk Restroom for the Tigard St. Heritage Trail Project: a multi-use trail along Tigard Street, spanning ¾ of a mile and serving as an outdoor museum with art, landscaping, lighting, and public gathering spaces to truly make it a welcoming and beautiful environment. Since this trail serves pedestrians of all types, it is important to have an efficient and functionable restroom to serve the visitors as they connect with their city and each other on the trail.

The Sidewalk Restroom is a sleek and efficient option when trying to utilize space, ADA compliant, and constructed from steel here in Oregon. Exit push buttons and toilet flush push buttons make use easy for users of all abilities and ages. The two unisex restrooms reside on either end of the structure, with a mechanical room in between for easier access to plumbing and electrical components for maintenance. Vents surround the top of the structure to ensure that fresh air can get in, keeping it fresh inside and removing the need for mechanical ventilation.

Lee Contractors, Inc. served the City of Tigard by installing the Sidewalk Restroom, bringing a vital piece to the puzzle and ensuring that guests of the trail could have their needs met. In addition, shipping materials and any additional building materials were recycled, ensuring minimal wastes from the installation of this structure. Thank you to The City of Tigard and Lee Contractors for creating a public space that all can enjoy.