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Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications. Among our diverse offering of standard building models, there are several building designs that are developed for specific applications and environments, such as in large cities. Using a restroom is a basic human need and many large cities have struggled providing accessible public restrooms that can withstand the heavy traffic, abuse, and crime they frequently encounter. The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec is a perfect solution for providing public restrooms in urban applications, and this restroom includes many features that overcome the challenges facing urban public restrooms.

A Solution for Urban Restroom Needs

Providing public restrooms in large cities and urban areas is a challenge for municipalities across the country. Public restrooms are frequently mistreated and abused compared to private restrooms, especially in cities where facilities are accessible 24 hours a day. These facilities will typically require frequent maintenance and inspections to ensure they are safe for public use, and large municipalities with significant resources have even struggled to keep public restrooms open and available. When no restrooms are available, however, the alternative of managing human waste can be much more unpleasant and could even affect local businesses and tourism. The Sidewalk Restroom was created to resolve these issues with a simple, durable, and functional design.

Romtec developed the sidewalk restroom specifically for high-traffic urban applications. These structures are designed to be minimal and functional while removing access to most of the building’s components. The interior of the sidewalk restroom is relatively unadorned and only includes a stainless steel toilet, steel toilet paper dispensers, and ADA grab bars for accessibility. Handwashing sinks are typically installed on the exterior of the building to encourage users to keep traffic flowing by spending as little time as needed in the building. Partial visibility from the outside to the interior floor allows police and security personnel to monitor the number of people and some activities inside the restroom. The open-air structure also allows sounds and smells associated with drug use or criminal activity to be observed outside the structures. When the building is unoccupied a green light illuminates the interior. When occupied, the light switches from green to blue.

Withstanding Vandalism with the Sidewalk Restroom

Sidewalk Restroom with durable heavy gauge steel that will withstand heavy use and attempted vandalism. Anti-graffiti coatings can also be applied to protect these surfaces from paint and other markings. Though the design of the restroom limits many opportunities for vandalism, maintenance is still necessary and an aspect of providing good restroom facilities. Plumbing and other hardware fixtures are accessible to personnel in a locked utility closet at the back of the unit. When replacements are necessary, all components in the Sidewalk Restroom are non-proprietary and can easily be replaced at a local hardware store. The lack of surfaces in the restroom also make cleaning the unit much faster, and trench drains allow the interior to be hosed down for difficult to clean scenarios.

Double Sidewalk Restroom with Matte Grey Exterior

Specializing a Sidewalk Restroom to Fit Each City’s Theme and Needs

Romtec provides buildings and structures as complete packages that are designed for their individual project requirements. The Sidewalk Restroom by Romtec is a highly specialized public restroom that is engineered to resolve the issues that plague public restroom buildings in urban environments. There are multiple features included in every Sidewalk Restroom that alleviate many of the recurring issues that public works personnel in large cities struggle with in their public restrooms. Like all other Romtec products, these buildings are easy to customize and are available in single and double restroom configurations. Exterior surfaces can be painted to meet any color requirements of neighborhoods or city features. Contact a Romtec Salesperson today and learn more about how a Sidewalk Restroom can benefit your city!

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