The Comfort of Cabanas

Compact Cabana on the Beach

Romtec offers a wide variety of pavilions and shade structures made from logs, structural steel, wood timbers, and concrete block. One more Romtec structure in this category is the cabana. These small structures are popular because they are affordable, stylish, and enjoyable for recreationalists.

Cabanas are typically seen near beaches and rivers because they offer open air facilities in a more private space. They are great for providing respite and locating personal items while spending time in the water. Many parks and greenways also use cabanas to provide accessible fishing shelters. In both of these applications, cabanas give park visitors a personal space to enjoy the outdoors that is accessible and protected from the sun and rain.

Since cabanas are generally not very large, they can be configured to be quite affordable. Romtec delivers these structures in a building kit that can be assembled by a licensed contractor in a short period of time. In some instances, cabanas can even be prefabricated and delivered to be “set-in-place.” Including cabanas in a park improvement project can be an inexpensive way to provide more amenities and features.

There is a large selection of materials available for designing and constructing cabana structures. They can be configured to be very simple with a single-pitch roof and a small rectangular design, or they can be octagonal with handrails and benches. There are a lot of design possibilities with cabanas making them a fun project for any park, greenway, or campground.

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