Ojai Skate Park in Ojai, California

A Stylish Single-User Waterless Restroom
A Skate Park Restroom
Regional Stucco Finish and Spanish Tile Roof

The Ojai Skate Park opened next to Chaparral High School in 2000, providing a safe location for the community’s youth to practice their skating skills. The park was designed in a fashion that allows future skate ramp and half-pipe additions to be easily installed. Romtec provided this skate park with a stylish single-user restroom building that has a bi-level water fountains to help keep young skaters refreshed and hydrated. This restroom building also had clay tile roofing installed to keep the interior protected from the scorching heat and to match the regional themes. The City of Ojai recently converted the restroom from a waterless facility to a plumbed building.