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Custom Aesthetics on Buildings

Romtec buildings are designed to meet the requirements of each project. These requirements can range from functionality aspects to budgetary considerations, and each project is unique in terms of what building design will work. One of the more common and often important requirements often put to Romtec buildings is achieving a specific theme or aesthetic. There are many reasons why a specific “look” is needed for a building, but it is not always easy to get an affordable building with the necessary aesthetic options. With Romtec, matching themes and architectural aesthetics is one of our most established skills.

Romtec provides our customers with in-house engineers who can design buildings to meet all types of requirements. In some cases, themes and aesthetic requirements are very utilitarian, requiring items like storm doors or specific styles of gable vents. In other cases, these considerations are more elaborate like matching the siding of a 100-year-old building. In either scenario or anything in between, Romtec has an engineering team capable of finding the correct options and including them in your building designs.

The New Vault Restroom and The Historic Crocker Guardhouse

Aesthetic options can often go beyond simply finding the most appropriate building components. Themes and aesthetics also comprise building floorplans and structural requirements. This is another area where providing an in-house engineering department helps get our customers the buildings they need. In many projects we have been asked to create layouts similar to historic or still existing buildings. Romtec excels at providing custom building designs to meet special requirements. At Romtec, we want to sell buildings, not design work. In fact, when you buy a Romtec building we refund any design fees that were established. This allows you to see what you are buying and to get it right before it is ever built.

When the building designs are completed, Romtec utilizes a vast and constantly changing network of vendors and suppliers to find the most economical and suitable materials for each building project. This includes all of the construction materials and building components. Romtec is not tied to any specific vendor or construction materials, allowing our purchasing and manufacturing to be extremely versatile in finding the best thematic and aesthetic options possible. This type of process requires more work, but it also helps Romtec get our customers the exact buildings they need and not simply something close.

The Front of the UCLA Stunt Ranch Center

If you have a building project with specific aesthetic or thematic requirements, contact Romtec today. Find out about how we work to design, supply, and even install some of the best parks and recreation buildings in the United States.

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