Windows and Skylights on Romtec Buildings

Window on Restroom Exterior

Romtec offers a lot of options for adding windows and skylights to any of our standard or custom buildings. Selecting the right window for your project depends on the goals and function of your building. Restrooms, concessions, offices, retail spaces, and more can all benefit from including the right windows or skylights. Let Romtec know in the design phase what your goals and values are so that our design team can give your building the best options!

The most common type of windows that Romtec supplies are the simplest and, typically, most affordable. These windows are made of Lexan, a type of polycarbonate plastic, and are textured for privacy. Typically these windows are designed into the gables of the building. Locating the windows in the gable provides a large, secure space for natural light to enter the building. Lexan windows are used by Romtec as a way to brighten a building without adding excessive electrical components, reducing the operating cost of the facility.

Skylights serve the same function as Lexan windows, but because privacy is less of a concern on roofs, skylights are clearer and brighter. Many customers choose to use Lexan windows and skylights together to provide more natural light. When paired with light sensors, this approach provides enough sunlight so that electric lights are barely needed. Skylights also add a measure of comfort for restroom users by providing freedom from the privacy of the building. Windows and skylights are a great way to give the feeling of open spaces in private facilities. Skylights are also popular in shower buildings for this reason.

Concession Window with Security Gate

Romtec offers several types of windows for concession stands or service desks. The most common windows for these applications are the stainless steel roll-up window and the sliding glass window. Both of these windows can include a counter of stainless steel or another material. These options depend on the amount of traffic, the types of services being offered, code requirements, and other considerations. Having an idea of how your concession window should function will help get your building the right choice in terms of utility and appearance.

Romtec supplies windows and skylights with steel, aluminum, and vinyl (PVC) window frames. We work with the best manufacturers to provide a complete range of durable and affordable window options. Romtec also manufactures steel gable vents that can be used in place of windows. These heavy duty vents also provide natural lighting and privacy with the added benefit of open air ventilation. Check out more of Romtec’s window options, or contact us to ask about your building project.

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