Accessory Options

Building Hardware

Curved Metal Roof on Vault Restroom

Hardware for your building can be manufactured and supplied by Romtec to meet any specifications. Wood features, brackets, door hardware, windows, and different types of electrical equipment can all be incorporated into the building design. All Romtec Buildings can include great hardware options!

Exterior Accessories

Restroom with Clean White Lap Siding and Extended Roof

Buildings can include many accessory considerations for your building exterior. These options can be included to enhance the usability of the building with signage or to improve aspects like security or maintenance. Romtec has many exterior accessory options for all our buildings.

Interior Accessories

Restroom Interior with Porcelain Toilet and Sink

The interior functionality of a building can include a lot of preferences. Do you prefer paper towel dispensers or hand dryers? Do you want timer faucets? Coin-operated showers? There are many type of fixtures for each interior option, and Romtec will get you the accessories you want!

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