Building Hardware

Hiking Information Kiosk Station
Restroom Shower with Colored CMU Block Wainscot
Ventilation Unit on Exterior of Restroom
Small Restroom with Affordable Solar Panel
Brick Wainscoting on Sports Concession Restroom
Steel Shower Fixtures On Building Exterior
Secure Barred Door on Restroom
Shower Restroom with Private Entry
Automatic Roll up Concession Window
Fabricated Metal Decorative Columns
Eco-Friendly Skylight Interior Option
Informational Kiosk Behind Locked Window
Pair of Joined Waterless Restroom Buildings
Curved Metal Roof Structure Option
ADA Accessible Restroom with Shower
Great Looking Pavilion and Waterless Restroom
Sliding Kiosk Counter on Weather Station
Interior Skylight
Unique Colored CMU Block
Attractive Visitor Information Center Building
Stainless Steel Roll-Up Overhead Door
Mechanical Room in Restroom

Building Hardware samples

Air Curtain Generator Unit

Air Curtain

Creates a barrier of air for insulation and keeps out dust, bugs, fumes, and outside air.

Arrow Shaped Metal Connector

Gable Rafter Bracket

Fabricated and powder coated steel bracket for connecting gable-end rafters and post.

Extra Secure Barred Door

Security Door

This building entryway features a powder coated security door.

Insulated CMU Block Walls

Wall Insulation

This insulation can be installed on CMU walls for improved r-values.

Double Man Door

Double Man Doors

Double man doors offer larger entryways, allowing easy access for larger items.

Cross Shaped Metal Connector Bracket

Vertical Truss Bracket

Cross shaped bracket for connecting vertical struts to posts and horizontal beams.

Frosted Skylight Feature


A bubble style skylight unit with frosted window for added privacy.

Strong Glulam Beam

Glulam Beam

Glued and laminated lumber beams used for affordable and stylish wood features.

Exterior Portion of HVAC


Control buildings with equipment can require heavy-duty HVAC systems.

Powered Concession Window

Concession Window

Interior of steel concession window with powered roll-up mechanism.

Durable Wall Vent

Wall Vent

Kickproof wall vent that ventilates the interior of the restroom through a CMU wall.

Door Window with Lexan

Door Window

Rectangular door window with pebbled polycarbonate (Lexan) or privacy glass.

Gable Lexan Window

Gable Window

Pebbled polycarbonate (Lexan) windows installed in building gabled for natural light.

Fabricated Connecting Bracket

Standard Truss Bracket

This steel truss bracket connects posts with the beam, struts, and king post.

Custom Powder Coated Door

Multi-tier Roofs

Roof structures of buildings, pavilions, and other structure can be tiered.

Exterior Skylight


A flat panel skylight with clear glass that provide natural light and open views.

Concession Window with Sliding Windows

Concession Window

Four part window with sliding doors for concessions, fee collection, or information.

Waterless Restroom Exhaust Fan Package

Solar Exhaust Fan

Solar powered exhaust fans on watereless restroom vault vent pipes.

Locked Concession Window

Concession Window

Durable locked stainless steel concession window with manual operation.

Durable Stainless Steel Door

Steel Door

Durable door hardware for any application, whether storm-rated or custom painted.

Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient and save space in utility rooms.

Sliding Ticket Window


SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels that offer a wide variety of building benefits.

Pair of Large Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Set of large water heaters for public restrooms, shower showers, and much more.

White Concession Window

White Roll-Up Window

Roll-up concession windows can be painted to match the style of your facility.

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