Exterior Accessories


Exterior Accessories samples

ADA Compliant Restroom Signage

ADA Restroom Sign

This sign denotes that a restrooms is compliant with ADA standards.

Steel ADA Restroom Signage

Unisex Restroom Sign

This restroom sign is just one of many options that include Braille lettering.

Wooden Picnic Table

Picnic Table

This ADA accessible picnic table has wheelchair accessible table space.

Decorative Wall Sconce

Decorative Lighting

Many styles of lighting sconces are available as a decorative touch.

Door Lock with Keypad

Door Lock

Keypad entry, timed locks, and other locking hardware can all be supplied.

Security Grate On Equipment

Security Cage

A durable, steel equipment security cage can protect exposed hardware.

Green Generator


Generators can be integrated into building designs with electrical schematics.

Security Grate on Exterior Light

Steel Lighting Grate

A steel enclosure for exterior lighting fixtures to protect from valdalism.

Locked Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Covered posting boards can be supplied for information or adverising.

Security Gate on Restroom

Security Gate

Robust steel security gates can be installed on any building or structure.

Concession Window Security Gate

Steel Window Grate

Window grates add extra protection to building in areas prone to vandalism.

Clean Stainless Steel Fountains

Steel Drinking Fountains

These steel drinking fountains are wall-mounted to your building.

Red Alarm Light

Building Alarm

This indicator light is one piece of a complete building security system.

Wall Mounted Exterior Light

Exterior Light

This exterior light is an affordable fixture for any building or structure.

Solar Panel Mounted on Roof

Solar Package

Solar panels and electrical system can be supplied on all our products.

Shower Room Sign

Shower Signage

This sign is for a shower room and includes Braille lettering.

Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

Drinking Fountains

Set of alternate, matching water fountains with built-in LAV guards.

Stainless Steel Shower Fixture

Exterior Shower

Exterior showers are available in many styles for pools, beaches, and more.

Unique Stone Drinking Fountain

Stone Fountain

Decorative stone drinking fountains are wall mounted to a building.

Tornado Safe Room Signage

Safe Room Signage

Signage that informs visitors of an available tornado safe room or building.

Unisex Restroom Signage

Unisex Restroom Signage

This unisex sign is mounted to building doors for easy identification.

Unisex ADA Restroom Signage

Unisex Restroom Signage

This restroom signage is wall-mounted next to a unisex bathroom entrance.

Exterior Wall Hydrant Fixture

Wall Hydrant

Exterior wall hydrants provide access to water for maintenance and more.

Trash Can Holder

A Romtec manufactured trash can holder with decorative wood slats.

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