Painted Block Square Building with Rollup Door

North Shore Community Park – Mecca, CA

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Painted Block Square Building with Rollup Door
Orange Rollup Door for Park Maintenance
Flat Roof Restroom and Bicycle Repair Building for Community Park
Tile Interior with Lumber Ceiling and Natural Light
Stainless Steel Fixtures
Utility Room for Bicycle Repair
Stainless Steel Workbench for Bicycle Repair Service
Blue Tile Interior of Restroom Building
Utility Room for Restroom Facilities and Air Vents
Restroom Plumbing Interior Utility Room

The Project

The Town of Mecca is located on the Northern Shore of the Salton Sea, California’s largest lake and they had renovation plans for a new community park. The area was once a popular tourist destination, but the area has declined as the lake continues to dry up and salinity levels rise. The Desert Recreation District was awarded a $ 3 million grant and is using these funds to revitalize the area and provide access to recreation and business opportunities. The development of one park would require access to basic amenities and features selected that would best serve this small community. The community park would be used daily for recreational activities and would also occasionally be used to host large events in the town.

The Solution

Romtec was hired to design, supply, and install a conventional restroom building for the North Shore Community Park. This park was designed around the needs of the community and included many unique design features throughout the park and in the restroom building. The interior of the building includes sleek wall tiles and white painted CMU block. Shortly after the grand opening ceremony for the community park, a rainstorm caused flooding in the area that spread several inches of sand and silt throughout the town. Water made its way into the restroom building during this time, but damage was minor and the non-absorbent surfaces were easily cleaned. One area of the building is dedicated to a bike repair workspace. Another room in the restroom building was added on to the design and provides the local youth with access to a bike repair space. The workspace provides a stainless steel workbench and will include the tools necessary for visitors to complete repairs themselves if needed. Additionally, the exterior of the building was left undecorated until a community mural was completed.

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