Custom Brick Restroom Building

Sugar Beet Park – Fort Collins, CO

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Single Sloped Roof on Brick Bathroom
Restroom Interior with Accessible Sink and Stall
Mechanical Room Entrance with Double Doors
Diaper Changing Station in Multi-User Restroom

The Project

The City of Fort Collins contacted Romtec about a new urban park project they were working on. Sugar Beet Park would join a long list of 40 parks in the Fort Collins area, but its design is unique and inspired by the history of this area in Colorado. One of the key focuses of the park is a large wooden sugar beet sculpture. One of the successful cash crops in the region, beets were heavily cultivated by migrant residents and played a strong role in settlement in Fort Collins. The main body of the beet sculpture is climbable with ropes and monkey bars for easy access. Multiple root leaves are also represented with interactive elements. In order to meet all visitor needs in the park, the city also needed a conventional restroom building. The facility would need to be easily accessible while maintaining a small footprint onsite. Additionally, the new park was designed with appealing visuals and the new facility would need to meet all visual standards.

The Solution

Romtec was contacted to design and supply a restroom building for a new urban park being developed in Fort Collins, Colorado. The new park features an interesting design unique to the history of Fort Collins. Romtec designed the restroom building for this specific application by meeting the requirements set in place by the City of Fort Collins. One of the most important requirements for the new restroom was its accessibility. Each of the restrooms in the building include an ADA stall and toilet with LAV guards on each sink. Additionally, the alcove in the front of the building is a multilevel drinking fountain complete with a water bottle filler. The rear of the building includes a large mechanical room with access to all of the buildings plumbing and electrical. The extra space in the mech room will provide a convenient option for onsite storage for supplies needed to restock the restroom. The exterior of the building boasts a bold visual design with dark grey corrugated metal siding paired with red brick. A single slope roof was perfect for this compact building and minimized the buildings footprint. In total the new park is a beautiful addition to the City of Fort Collins already impressive roster of parks and recreation locations.

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