Cannery Square – Sherwood, OR

Durable City Restroom in Downtown Plaza
Sidewalk Restroom in Urban Park
Double Door Access to Mechanical Room in Sidewalk Restroom
Easy to Clean Interior of Sidewalk Restroom Building

The City of Sherwood, Oregon needed a Sidewalk Restroom at their newest urban park. Cannery Square is located right next to Sherwood’s City Hall between several buildings. The park is one of several ongoing improvements for the area with plans to develop more housing, parking spaces, offices, and storefronts. Cannery Square is a great space for relaxing in the city. During the summer a large splash pad with water fountains provide relief from the heat. The open lawn in the center of the park faces the stage and can be used for seating or hosting events. This venue is used to host many community events in Sherwood, like the farmer’s market. The City of Sherwood has done a great job with this park. Choosing a Romtec Sidewalk Restroom not only provides a permanent city restroom, but it also provides a durable unit that can stand up to the high traffic of an urban environment.