Cannery Square Plaza – Sherwood, OR

Sidewalk Restroom in Urban Park
Double Door Access to Mechanical Room in Sidewalk Restroom

The Project

The City of Sherwood developed the Cannery Square Plaza and the surrounding location as part of a revitalization of their historic downtown area. The plaza was designed to be used by the public and includes several features for entertainment, comfort, and relaxation. Several amenities were required to meet the needs of local visitors and tourists alike. One of these was the addition of a public restroom. The new restroom facility needed to be able to accommodate frequent use by families of all ages and ADA accessibility. Additionally, the building needed to be easy to clean and needed to include durable features to withstand the high-traffic usage at the plaza. One final requirement was that the restroom needed to match the color scheme of the surrounding area for a cohesive style at the plaza and in the revitalized downtown area.

The Solution

Romtec was hired to design, supply, and install the public restroom at the Cannery Square Plaza for the City of Sherwood. Our single-user Sidewalk Restroom building was selected to meet the requirements of this high-traffic urban application. Special features included an interior sink with a diaper changing station to meet the needs of families using the splash pad in the park. The restroom structure is constructed with steel structural components and stainless steel fixtures that are durable and easy to clean. Wheelchairs and other mobility devices are easily accommodated in this accessible restroom. Finally, the entire structure of the sidewalk restroom was powder coated in a brown color match surrounding buildings and the herringbone pattern bricks used throughout the plaza. Romtec worked closely with the City of Sherwood to complete this restroom project according to the specified project requirements and design standards.

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