Best Practices for Pool House Buildings

Shower Building with Lifeguard Room

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications, including community pools and water features. Community pools often require multiple buildings. These buildings serve a wide range of purposes and typically require showers and restrooms. Romtec can design buildings with all the necessary facilities under a single roof or as individual structures around the pool area. Each project is different, and both of these approaches offer unique benefits. Choosing an experienced design-build firm like Romtec is the best way to get all of your pool house building requirements met within your time and budget.

Many community pool projects benefit from combining features into one or more multi-functional buildings. Combining your facilities into a single building is usually very cost-effective for pool houses, but this approach requires a large footprint on your site. A single large building also may not be able to accommodate the functional needs of your community pool. Separate buildings provide the same functionality and can be arranged to economize the space of your site. In both scenarios, it is important to outline the functional building spaces that will be required for your pool facility.

External Shower on Beach

Many community pools and public pools include similar features. Starting at the entrance, many pools utilize admission counters or ticket booths for patrons to purchase entry, swim lessons, and other services. Once inside, pool facilities will typically have restrooms, changing rooms, showers (interior and/or exterior), and lockers. These facilities provide swimmers with space and comfort during their recreation. Concession stands and storage rooms are more common features. Pool concessions can sell snacks and can also serve as rental space for fins, snorkels, dive toys, flotation devices, and more. In addition to these facilities, pools can have pump houses, maintenance buildings, storage rooms, classrooms, and more.

All of the many features for your community pool can be provided in a single building, separate buildings, or by combining facilities into multipurpose buildings. In applications where separate buildings are required for your pool and other facilities, Romtec can match each building with the other and existing structures. Matching buildings is a great way to create and maintain themes throughout a park and improve the visitor experience.

Grand Opening of Pool with Shower Restroom

One recent project in Pittsburg, California took this approach. The Ambrose Aquatic Center contacted Romtec to provide new pool buildings, including matching the aesthetics of two existing buildings. These buildings used two colors of CMU block with a blue metal roof. Providing these design options on this project was key to the goals of the community pool. If your community pool requires separate buildings, Romtec can design them to match each other perfectly.

Whatever your community pool needs, Romtec provides the complete design, supply, and construction of every building. By choosing Romtec, you get the experience of a design-build firm that specializes in public buildings for every application. Our buildings are individually designed for their unique location and will meet or exceed all codes and requirements. Contact Romtec today and get started on your pool house design today!

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