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Romtec designs and supplies many buildings constructed out of concrete block, and each building is often times unique to each project. Romtec offers a wide range of custom design abilities and supply options to get each customer the exact building features they need. When it comes to concrete block, colored block is always a popular option, but using colored CMU blocks can add a lot of cost to a building. Here are some tips about how to reduce your building cost while still getting the looks you want.

The first thing to note about colored CMU block is that it typically has a higher per unit price than standard grey block. The higher price covers the dye and the fact that most colored block is not stocked by block manufacturers. Grey block is the most used and the easiest to sell. These qualities raise the per-unit price of colored block, but this is not the only reason colored block costs more. Making colored block requires changing the manufacturing equipment, which can add a lot of unanticipated costs through “setup fees.”

Shade Structure Entrance Wentfield Bridgeport

A typical Romtec building requires between 3 to 6 block shapes. These are shapes like standard, bond-beam, corner, half-block, and more for interior walls. Depending on the block manufacturer, each shape can require its own setup fee. These fees can run anywhere from $350 to $500 per change all the way up to $2,500 to $3,000 for changing out all the block shapes. These fees from the block manufacturer are added to an already increased per-unit price. Very quickly a low-cost building can have its price drastically increased just by using colored CMU block.

Romtec constructs our buildings out of concrete block because it is durable, easy to install, and readily available across the country, but it is also typically very affordable. The good news is that all of these valuable qualities of concrete block can be applied to your building even when you want custom block colors. Romtec can supply any building with paint or stain that can be easily applied to the concrete block during the building construction.

Painted CMU Block

Paint is very affordable and can be installed quickly and easily by any contractor. Additionally, paint seals the concrete from moisture and odor incursion, which can improve the lifespan of the building. If you still want the texture of concrete, stains can be applied in much the same way as paint. Stain does not offer the “moisture barrier” effect that comes with paint, but it does provide a custom color for your concrete block building at a much reduced cost to purchasing colored block.

Romtec has designed and constructed thousands of restroom buildings over 30 years of business, and we have encountered many unique challenges throughout our history. Getting our customers a high quality building that meets their specific needs is our number 1 priority. When it comes to colored concrete block, Romtec will help you get the options you want while helping you work within you budget. Contact Romtec today to learn more about all our buildings and structures.

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