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White Restroom with Lap Siding

Romtec can supply any type of door needed for your building. From man doors to vehicle access, we have the supply components you need for easy and secure access to your Romtec building. All of our doors are included in the design of your building to make sure that the frame and hardware fit perfectly during installation. Getting a secure, durable, attractive, and properly functioning door is something that you will always get with your Romtec building.

For restrooms and other publicly accessible buildings, Romtec primarily uses steel doors and FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) doors. These two door types are both secure and durable. There are different door gauges for each type, but in general, FRP doors are more durable because they resist denting from the kicking and striking typically experienced by a public restroom. Romtec can also supply kick plates on any door for added security and strength.

Single Pitch Booster Station Control Shelter

Romtec can also supple lower-gauged doors for locations needing added durability. In areas where vandalism, theft, or extreme weather might be a concern, your door can be sized to handle extra abuse. Typically, Romtec will supply a 20-guage door because they are durable enough for most public buildings. Areas where damage or abuse is more likely would benefit by increasing to an 18-gauge or 16-gauge door. The 16-gauge doors are rated for hurricanes and tornadoes and can survive heavy impacts from flying debris or would-be vandals.

Although these doors are designed to be secure and tough, they can also be designed to be attractive. All of our doors can be painted, powder coated, or primed to match your building colors and themes. Get embossed doors with desired patterns for added style, or Romtec can supply doors with windows for concessions, offices, or ticket booths. We have all the door options you need to get the perfect door to fit your building’s style.

Door functionality begins with every door being designed to meet all applicable ADA guidelines for accessibility. Then, it becomes a matter of preference. Romtec offers all types of door closing mechanisms from traditional door closers to spring hinges. Doors also can be designed with a variety of locking mechanisms. Get locks with timers, magnetic locks, remote-operated locks, or any other type of preferred door locking mechanism. Romtec has the options you need to get fully functional doors that will meet the preferences of your operation personnel or municipal standards.

Stainless Steel Roll-Up Overhead Door

In addition to man doors, Romtec offers a complete range of sizes and suppliers for roll-up doors, vehicle access doors, and garage doors. For many applications, maintenance vehicles such as lawn mowers, golf carts, and trucks can be housed in a restroom or multipurpose building. These doors can be configured with electronic or manual opening mechanisms and can lock in a variety of secure ways. Romtec has all of the door sizes and styles needed to get your building the perfect large equipment door.

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs all types of public building and structures, and we thrive on providing unique design options our customers can’t get from other sources. We make sure your building design includes all of the door options you need to get the perfect building for your site. Check out some projects with custom door options to see just a sample of the breadth you can get with Romtec.

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