Completed Project: Westlake Community Park in California

Stylish Concession Restroom in Community Park

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for many public applications. A new park and YMCA facility in Westlake Village, California needed two concession buildings with restroom facilities to serve its visitors. This park will include several baseball fields, soccer fields, and playgrounds when completed. The second concession building was recently finished being installed and is now ready for use. Romtec provided the design and supply of these matching buildings while they were installed by awarded contractors.

One of the central themes of this park was to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the community. To keep with this theme, the park features two baseball fields, one softball field, and three soccer fields. All of these sports fields use synthetic turf that is low maintenance and unaffected by the drought conditions common in the area. Additionally, the park’s development also included a new YMCA building in the center, where visitors can enjoy a variety of healthy activities. A one mile trail was developed around the park’s perimeter and provides a great opportunity to enjoy the park’s location.

Building Foundation Being Ready to be Laid

A particularly unique aspect of this project was the location of the park. The entire park is located on a dramatic hillside vista overlooking the city. This location offers a great view, but constructing buildings on hillsides can take some extra considerations. For the stability of one of the buildings, the foundation needed to be deeper than a typical building. Romtec engineered a foundation that would meet the requirements of the hillside location for a safe and reliable structure.

In order to match the style of the park, our concession buildings needed to look great too. The YMCA and our buildings each feature red brick in their design. Our buildings use brick as a wainscot while the rest is standard CMU block. These building’s great looks don’t stop on the outside though. The restroom interiors include beautiful tiled walls and stainless steel fixtures. While stainless steel restroom fixtures look great, they are also very durable and more resistant to vandalism than their porcelain counterparts. On the other side of the building the concession utilizes white FRP siding. FRP siding is very well suited for concession areas. It is easy to clean, scratch resistant, odor resistant, and provides a clean aesthetic.

Tile Restroom with Steel Fixture and FRP Siding for Concession Building

At the end of the day, these combined concession and restroom buildings will help guests stay comfortable while participating or spectating their favorite recreational activities. Currently, the full park is still in development, but most of the park is open to the public for use. New parks are always great projects for Romtec, we can help cities implement themes and design standards for future buildings that support their park’s image. The City of Westlake Village did a great job designing and developing their park and encouraging its community to stay active and healthy.

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