Concession Buildings Designed to Meet Any Retail & Food Service Codes

Concession Restroom with Double Windows

Concession buildings are one of the most popular types of buildings designed, supplied, and constructed by Romtec. At sports parks, campgrounds, and concert venues, concession buildings are a great way to earn extra revenue while offering your guests more amenities. Despite the obvious benefits of offering a concession building, actually purchasing one can be difficult if you are not partnered with the right building designer or contractor. Many state building departments provide strict codes and requirements in retail buildings where food is prepared and served. Romtec always makes sure our buildings will meet any and all requirements so that your concession building will pass inspection.

Most all of the codes and requirements associated with concession building are directly related hygiene and sanitation, but it is also typical to have requirements that are aimed at safety as well. Some states, like Florida, have codes that require anti-slip floors, while other states allow the use of floor mats for the same purpose. Other common safety codes regulate items like acoustic paneling, designated safety/emergency exits, or locating fire suppression equipment. Many times, these types of requirements can be provided separately from the concession design, but Romtec will always make sure that your building includes the safety requirements necessary for a retail food building.

Concession Restroom Interior with Steel Sink FRP Siding

Hygiene and sanitation make up the bulk of the code requirements for concession buildings, and each state will have specific priorities related to these codes. California, for example, requires both air curtains on doors and concession windows that automatically close. This is so that insects and dust cannot easily enter the food prep space. Maryland requires doors that automatically close and does not allow ceiling material with fiberglass backing. For manual dishwashing, Delaware requires 3-bay sinks where each bay if big enough to contain the largest piece of equipment or utensil used for food prep or cooking. Additionally, most states require pavement, gravel, or some other type of engineered group covering to be installed around the concession stand to mitigate dust.

Code requirements for concession buildings and other retail food service buildings are typically shown on the design drawing, but each requirement might be the responsibility of the designer, the supplier, the contractor, or the equipment supplier. Romtec provides our customers with detailed design drawings that also provide a detailed scope as to which aspects of the design are being supplied by Romtec. This allows the building department to quickly approve those aspects of the project for construction. Additionally, Romtec will often specify which parties are responsible for the remaining aspects of the concession building. This helps the concession building get constructed quickly and without mistakes or delays.

Modern Concession Restroom at Sports Facility

Concession buildings are important features of any type of park. They can also be tricky to purchase correctly and to get approved. The best way to get a new concession building is to partner with a company like Romtec who understands that requirements from all types of building departments across the nation. From the strictest to the most lax, Romtec has designed many concession buildings to meet that approval of a building department. If you have a concession project that needs to meet strict requirements or that needs to be value engineered to meet a budget contact Romtec today, and we will help make you concession building project a success!

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