Control Buildings for Municipal Pumping Systems

Attractive Booster Pump Station Control Building

Romtec and its sister company, Romtec Utilities, have worked together on many projects that required the combined expertise of building design and pump station engineering. Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications. Romtec Utilities engineers, manufactures, and installs pumping systems for a wide range of pumping requirements. Many pumping systems require a control building to house aspects of the system, like the control panel. Romtec has worked with Romtec Utilities to supply buildings for municipal project, which have been very successful. Here are a few reasons why Romtec control buildings are so successful when paired with a pumping system.

Durable Control Building Protecting Equipment

The first reason why Romtec control buildings are so successful is that there is a lack of real competition in this application. Prefabricated buildings are cheap, but they are also inflexible. Control buildings often include design requirements that are influenced by stringent codes from organizations like the NFPA and NEC. These requirements change based on a wide range of criteria that make it all but impossible to legally use a prefabricated unit. Custom buildings, on the other hand, typically require custom designs to meet these requirements. Custom building designs can cost tens of thousands of dollars before any material goods are even quoted. Romtec’s ability to take a standard control building design and customize it to meet very specific code requirements is peerless in the industry.

Engineered Control Building for All Applications

The second reason for using a Romtec control building with a pumping system is our expert understanding of the combined systems. On the one hand, pumping systems require mechanical and electrical expertise in high levels. On the other hand, a control buildings requires structural and installation expertise. Finding both skills through the same company is extremely rare, and Romtec is one of the few (if not the only) who can. The combined skills and expertise in both disciplines helps our customers avoid mistakes and get beneficial features that may have otherwise been forgotten. Small details like accessibility, ventilation, lighting, communications, and others can have huge impacts on a control building, and Romtec is able to provide everything through a single company.
The final reason for getting a Romtec control building is that you have many different purchasing options for procurement. Getting the right control building is one challenge, and integrating its installation and procurement into the larger project can be another challenge. Fortunately, Romtec offers many different contracts for buying our buildings. We have many state, federal, and private cooperative contracts available, and Romtec is approved to offer turnkey construction services through many of our contracts. Romtec can work as a subcontractor for the larger project or we can sell our building package for installation by other subs.

Control Building Interior with Indoor Generator and Pump Station Controls

Control buildings are important aspects pumping systems of all types. Whether is sewer, potable water, or water booster stations, the control buildings for these systems can require a lot of knowledge about code requirements and the pumping systems themselves. Romtec brings unique experience with our sister company to off a complete control building package that is well suited to being used with a pumping system. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our control buildings and to learn about some of our many successful projects in this sector.

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