Designing Parks & Rec Buildings with Integrated WiFi

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Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of applications, and our frequent work on public projects makes us well-suited for helping our customers get what they want. Across the United States, parks & rec departments, campgrounds, and other public facilities are working to provide wireless internet access for visitors. There are a number of challenges with these types of projects, and one frequent stumbling block is where to house the hardware for new telecommunications equipment. On new building projects for gatehouses, restrooms, concessions, and other public buildings, many clients require specialized rooms for housing telecommunication and wireless internet hardware. Here are some good tips for integrating WiFi and telecom equipment into your project.

Computer Workstation in Control Building in Park and Rec Building

The best tip for integrating WiFi and telecom equipment is to make your needs known early in a project. This type of equipment can have special requirements for operation, including air conditioning and ventilation, conduit layout, dust prevention, fire rating, enclosures, and many other requirements. All of these requirements can be very difficult to add after a building has an approved design or it has been constructed. It can be tempting to assume that an “empty” room in a floor plan can be used for storing telecom and WiFi equipment, but these rooms must be integrated into the complete building. There are many operational requirements that need to be included in the building from the beginning. The best way to get this is to make your needs known early on in the design phase.

The next tip for integrating your WiFi and telecom equipment is to create a plan for connecting your facility. Connecting a building to a larger communication network is typically completed with cables, but the connection can be wireless as well. This network connection typically falls outside of Romtec’s scope for the building design. Depending on the ownership of your system, you may need to negotiate with a public or private utility company to create a connecting point for your new building. This work, again, should be completed during the early design phases to make sure that conduit or any other connection is available prior to construction. Scheduling your utility provider to complete any site work prior to the building construction will help the installation process move smoothly and without disruption.

Fully Integrated Network Switch in Parks and Recreation Building

A final tip for getting this work completed is working with a local agency for the installation and testing of the equipment. Romtec constructs buildings in all 50 states, but telecom and WiFi installations are best left to local electrical contractors. These individuals understand the code requirements and equipment specifications for your local installation, much like Romtec does for the building design. A local contractor will also be able to test your equipment and connections and provide ongoing support. In some areas, public agencies will have the resources for this type of work, but in some areas, this is best provided by a local, private contractor.

Providing WiFi and/or telecom equipment in a new park & rec building can be a great way to get the most out of your public facility. It is important to realize that these features are best when they are integrated with your building design and not simply added after the fact. Following these simple tips will help get you a great building with the features you need now and in the future. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our building models and how you can integrate WiFi or telecom equipment into any public building design.

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