Advantages of the Brick $#!%-house

Romtec designs and constructs buildings with almost every type of conventional building material, and brick is one of the most time-honored and traditional materials we use. Whether on a university campus, in an historical park, or near a downtown urban environment, brick buildings provide a characteristic appearance that can’t be matched with other materials. It does more, however, than just look great; there are reasons why brick has existed since about 7500 BC.

Custom Brick Restroom in Park

First, bricks are extremely durable. In even the harshest conditions of blizzard or drought, bricks do not experience the severe changes that wood or concrete might. In areas where flying debris is a concern, such as golf courses or hurricane/tornado regions, bricks can withstand high velocity impacts to higher degrees than other materials. Bricks are also virtually fireproof, eliminating a major disaster concern.

Next, bricks are great for insulation. In heat waves, brick buildings will be cooler. In the dead of winter, brick buildings will be warmer. By using brick, a building my not require any HVAC system, even in extreme weather regions.

Brick also insulates against noise. In areas off a highway or near an industrial site, ambient noise levels might be elevated in a restroom. Bricks function well for eliminating outside noise from a restroom building, a restroom and shower, or a concession stand.

Finally, bricks do look great. Bricks today can be manufactured in an expansive range of colors and textures, making brick an ideal material for matching existing buildings. Romtec has designed and installed a number of brick buildings over the years, like this recent project for Fairwood Community Park in Maryland. If you want more information on Romtec’s brick buildings, contact us today to discuss your project and we will be happy to include brick in our standard, pre-engineered package restroom buildings.

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