Gable Ends: Windows or Vents?

Multipurpose Restroom Facility in Open Park by the River

Romtec is a designer, supplier, and installer of buildings and structures for many different applications. Public restrooms and other buildings that are constructed with a gable roof structure will often find it advantageous to install Lexan windows or gable vents on the gable ends. Windows and vents are available in many configurations and options to meet the specific requirements of each project. Choosing between Lexan windows and gable vents on gable ends will have a large impact on the functionality and appearance of the building, as well as the experience of visitors inside.

Waterless Restroom Matching Lighthouse and Duplex Buildings

Polycarbonate windows, also known as Lexan windows, is traditionally more commonly used between these two options, at least in public restroom buildings. Installing windows on gable ends is an effective option for allowing more natural light into the building. Lexan windows can have their surfaces textured or “frosted” in order to maintain the privacy of those inside. Unlike typical windows, polycarbonate windows are extremely durable and able to withstand impacts without breaking. Windows can be reinforced even further by installing steel wire meshing on one or both sides.

Gable vents are another option for gable ends for restrooms and other buildings where privacy is valued. When Romtec includes these into a buildings design they are often made to be adjustable like other louvered vents. Vents provide passive ventilation to the building and allow some natural light in, although not as much as a window. One of the unique features of gable vents is their customizability. They are fabricated out of steel and can be painted to meet nearly any color requirement, making them a flexible visual design feature. Alternatively, steel meshing can be installed instead of vents on some buildings, but some privacy will be sacrificed.

Concrete Restroom with Orange Trim

The final option for your gable ends is to install nothing at all. Some buildings will have no need for natural lighting or additional ventilation and may find more value in constructing a full height wall instead. This style is used in many different buildings that have little need for flourishes. However, unique aesthetics can be achieved when paired with a wainscot or color scheme. Romtec typically encounters this option on utility buildings and other no frill structures, but we are able to accommodate any design preferences into your building project.

Fiber Cement Gable Ends on Concession Building

Choosing between polycarbonate windows, gable vents, and full height walls on gable ends can be a difficult decision on some building projects. The value of each of these should be weighed against the specific goals of the building and how it will function. Romtec can include any of these building features on any of our building models to meet the unique requirements of your project. Call Romtec today for more information about building hardware on gable ends!

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