Getting Buildings with a Limited Budget

Economical Double Restroom

Did you know that Romtec has reduced the cost of our buildings for five consecutive years? It’s true. Our engineering and purchasing departments at Romtec work hard every day to increase our capabilities of providing low-cost buildings and structures. During a tough economic stretch, Romtec has developed better pricing for our customers on every structure we sell.

The first way we cut costs is by redesigning our complete offering of building models. We looked at every building and improved the layouts, reduced the materials cost, and included lower cost options. Romtec has a great reputation for supplying the nation’s best restroom buildings, and that is an identity we take pride in. While redesigning our buildings, our staff took great care to ensure that cost, not quality, was reduced.

The second way that Romtec cut the cost of our buildings is by doing ongoing industry research to find vendors with improved pricing. Nearly every week our purchasing staff finds new low-cost options for faucets, hinges, roofing screws, hand dryers, and many more hardware components. While some of these components may only be a few dollars cheaper, the total sum of this work has helped to greatly reduce the overall cost of our buildings. Many times the products we use remain unchanged in this process; they’re simply from a more competitive vendor.

Another ongoing way that we have reduced the cost of our buildings is by connecting with construction suppliers across the country. Now, we can drastically reduce the shipping costs of heavy building materials like concrete block by shipping them from a location closer to each building site nationally. Since Romtec uses conventional construction materials on most of our buildings, we have found reliable and well-manufactured products nationwide to lower shipping costs.

The final way we have lowered our building prices is by improving our internal working efficiency. This has been accomplished by improving our documentation and internal communications so that we can pass on time savings to our customers. Since it now takes us less time to review and make changes to our building designs, the engineering costs for the customer are typically much less than our historical numbers.

Romtec has dedicated our efforts to giving customers the most for their budget. This is not a one-time fix. We have made improved pricing an ongoing process that will not stop any time soon. When you buy a Romtec building, you will get the building you want at the price you need.

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