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Concession Restroom with Double Windows

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of recreational facilities, including public sports parks, schools, and private stadiums. Concessions are a staple in many of these applications. These facilities offer convenient food and drink options for visitors and can generate revenue through all types of sales. Each application is unique, and a great concession building will reflect the culture and goals of the location through its design.

Concession Restroom with CMU Exterior and Metal Roof

The first step in creating a great concession building is identifying how the building will be used. Concessions can be provided anywhere there are customers, but the design of these facilities varies greatly between applications. Understanding the size of the venue and the expected traffic is useful for designing the building. Smaller facilities that are only open for special events will not require the same accommodations as a concession building serving a large sports complex. Using this information can help Romtec design a great building with a layout that supports the needs of your visitors.

The layout of a building has a significant impact on its functionality and how visitors interact with it. Pairing restrooms or even showers with concessions under a single roof can provide a lot of convenience to visitors and can cost much less than installing separate building. Additionally, combining these facilities into a single structure can even save a lot of space at your location. A great concession building can provide a lot of services to visitors outside of simply selling refreshments, and when it comes to refreshments, there are a lot of options. Selling cooked foods versus simply candy and soda will require a much different layout for the concession room.

Knowing which appliances and accessories will be used in the building is important information for designing the building. There are many options for concession buildings, but each of these items will require space in the floorplan and may require electrical or plumbing connections to the building. Building codes and regulations can also influence what is required in a concession building. For example, many states require three basin sinks to be provided in facilities that prepare food to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes. Other states require smoke hoods and grease traps if hot food is prepared onsite. Romtec can integrate any functionality into the design of your building and can even include additional rooms to support specific operations.

Concession Restroom with Fire Sprinkler and Smoke Detector

Concession buildings are a great opportunity to increase revenue and to provide visitor services at a recreational facility. Some concession buildings are even used for providing services unrelated to food, like information desks and ticket entry windows. Working with an experienced building designer and supplier like Romtec is the best way to take your concession building project from the design phase to reality with all of the handpicked features and options your application needs. Call Romtec today for more information about our concession buildings and get started on your project!

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