New Accessories from Romtec

Romtec Timber Picnic Table

Romtec is always working to provide new ways of outfitting our buildings with the best and most affordable accessory options. This process involves seeking out new products and, when necessary, building our own. To help our customers get what they want, Romtec now builds hand-built ADA picnic tables and decorative trash can holders that can be included with any Romtec structure.

On many projects, customers request ADA tables to be supplied with their building. Romtec takes pride in being a complete building entity with all the engineering, manufacturing, supply work, and installation services included. By building our own ADA picnic tables, Romtec has reduced the price for these tables and provided an attractive addition to any park or pavilion.

Romtec Trash Can Holder

Another item that is frequently requested is the trash can holder. These simple items conceal trash cans in a better looking container and are popular in many parks. Romtec saw an opportunity to make these units for a much more affordable rate to include with any building or structure.

Including new accessories like the ADA picnic tables and trash can holders is just one way that Romtec works to get customers what they want at the best price possible. Our products have always been complete designed, supplied, and installed buildings, but we also like to help customers get the complete accessories needed to make their project successful. Contact us to find out more about the accessories and equipment you can get with your Romtec structure.

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