New Romtec Non-Proprietary Shower Panels

Shower Panel Designed for ADA Accessibility

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for parks & recreation facilities every day. Many of our buildings include showers on the interior or exterior of the building at pools, splash pads, or campgrounds. Years of designing these buildings led Romtec to develop our own non-proprietary shower panel. These new shower fixtures were developed to resolve many of the issues our customers have experienced with commercial shower fixtures, including low water pressure and maintenance difficulties.

Shower Restroom in Del Valle Park

The most noticeable and enjoyable feature of the new Romtec shower panel is a significant increase in water pressure. Public showers can often times suffer from low water pressure because water resources on-site are shared, this is especially true in campgrounds and splash pad applications. Our shower fixtures are designed to provide good water pressure consistently to all shower fixtures. Comfortable accommodations can dramatically impact the way visitors engage with a park or recreation facility. Providing comfortable showers to a campground can actually encourage visitors to visit the same place more frequently. Uncomfortable facilities, likewise, can have a negative effect on visitors, and it’s not just visitors who suffer from poorly functioning shower fixtures.

One of the key design features for the new Romtec shower panel is the ability for maintenance personnel to have direct access to the complete unit assembly. Repairing and maintaining shower fixtures is easier than ever using simple tools to replace any component that fails. This gives parks & rec personnel access to all the plumbing connections for simple repairs without the need to call a manufacturer or repairman. Additionally, Romtec manufactures shower panels using non-proprietary parts for cost-effective replacements when necessary.

Multi-Purpose Shower Building with Water Resistant Tile Floor

Using non-proprietary components to manufacture our shower fixtures offers several benefits for our customers. All of the parts used on our shower fixtures can be easily procured nationally. Additionally, proprietary shower assemblies are often more expensive and may require specific tools or training to maintain. Without the need for these parts, the amount of time broken-down showers remain unusable can be greatly reduced and replacements don’t need to be stocked. Taking this approach is something that Romtec does for many of our building products, giving our customers more options for maintenance.

Romtec has designed and manufactured shower panels for several recent shower buildings located in campgrounds, and building owners have been impressed with the improvements the new panels offer. We can provide showers as a standard unit and as an ADA unit designed per national requirements. Using Romtec shower panels can increase your visitor experience by providing comfortable shower facilities, all while reducing downtime when maintenance is necessary. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our non-proprietary shower fixtures and how they can benefit your public shower building!

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