New Romtec Product: Gatehouses and Guardhouses

Gatehouse Controlling Entry to Park

Romtec now offers new standard designs for gatehouse buildings. These buildings are designed to interact with guests at your facility. These new building models can be used in a wide-variety of applications such as ticket windows, information booths, parking attendants, rental counters, security desks, and more. Romtec’s new gatehouse models are designed to meet the needs of numerous different applications. Romtec can also customize each model with our complete range of design options to meet specific project needs. Here are some of the great features on our standard gatehouse models that can benefit your project location.

Each gatehouse is designed with a small footprint and simple floor plan. In many applications, gatehouses and guardhouses are constructed in the median of a driveway or on a sidewalk or entryway. No matter where they are used, gatehouses are typically constructed with the anticipation of traffic. A small footprint and simple layout prevent these buildings from impeding the flow of traffic from people or vehicles. This design principle is used on each of our standard models in order to create easily accessible structures that can serve as many people as needed.

Guardhouse with Extended Roof

Every Romtec gatehouse model includes a contact window that is designed to facilitate communications and transactions. These windows are located in the building to facilitate the addition of desks, counters, and other supplies that might be found in one of these buildings. Most of our gatehouse models also include covered roof extensions to protect guests and visitors from inclement weather. These roof features also add a great visual element to buildings, and our largest model is configured to allow for drive-thru access to the building with a covered window.

Extended Roof on Gatehouse

Two of our gatehouse models include restrooms in the building design. Adding restrooms to these buildings provides a convenient facility for attendants in the gatehouse. For locations without plumbing, these restrooms can easily be converted into storage rooms or can simply be omitted to expand and open-up the floor plan of the building. Including restroom facilities in gatehouse buildings may also be required for some locations to comply with OSHA regulations. If there is not a restroom close to your gatehouse, including a restroom in the gatehouse is an easy and affordable option to provide employee facilities.

Romtec excels at custom designed buildings, but we also offer affordable standard models that can fit a wide-range of applications. Any of our standard gatehouse models can be configured with our custom design options to match existing themes and buildings or to add a feature element to your location. Check out our new standard models to see how a Romtec gatehouse will work for you!

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