Pavilion Installation Begins at Susan Creek

Ground was broken yesterday, June 14, on the Susan Creek Pavilion project. The BLM purchased a hexagonal pavilion with extra features through Romtec’s General Services Administration (GSA) contract. The GSA contract is designed to give government purchasers “most favored customer pricing.” This means that government purchasers can save time and money by avoiding taking projects to bid where lengthy disputes can erupt and drag projects out.
The pavilion will have some very attractive features to add to the Susan Creek Day-use Area. Aside from the Hexagonal form, the pavilion will have stone column wrapping for the rough-sawn timber posts, the concrete floor/foundation will be colored tan to blend in with the surroundings, and the ceiling will feature attractive tongue and groove decking with metal roofing.
The construction will continue into next week with some extra time for the concrete to cure, but before the end of the month, we are looking forward to having a great Romtec pavilion right up the road! In continuing with its effort to serve disabled persons, the BLM’s new pavilion will be ADA compliant, so thank the BLM for providing a park that everyone can enjoy!
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