Pavilions: Log, Steel, & Timber

Beach Pavilion with Log Posts

Romtec designs and manufactures many different standard pavilion models, including limitless custom designs. Although pavilions can be made out of many different types of materials, Romtec typically constructs them out of logs, steel posts, or dimensional lumber. Each of these building materials offers its own advantages. Let’s look at these typical construction components to discuss how they might benefit your pavilion project.

Logs are one of the oldest construction materials. They give pavilions a classic and rustic appearance that is perfect for rural settings or to add a timeless appeal to any location. Logs are a very rugged material and can support large roof systems with ease. Another great feature is that log pavilions can be assembled with different methods, including notch-joinery, steel brackets, and even lag bolts. Each of these methods gives log pavilions a slightly different aesthetic that can match existing structures or themes.

Steel Post Pavilion

Steel posts are very durable, and they can be powder coated for even more strength. Steel pavilions are suitable for many locations from industrial sites to city parks. Steel is also very versatile because it can be easily painted or powder coated to match any color requirements. Steel can be shaped in unique ways to include stylized features like curved roofs, and the posts can be round, square, or in unique shapes like I-beams.

Dimensional lumber is a very common and readily available construction material for pavilions. It is not the most versatile nor the most durable, but it is easy to maintain and can be affordably replaced across the country if needed. Dimensional lumber can be stained and painted to give your pavilion an appearance specific to your location or application. Like logs, dimensional lumber can also utilize steel brackets for fastening, providing another optional feature.

Timber Pavilion with Stone Column Wrap

Romtec can design, manufacture, and supply pavilions with any of these materials and more. For a truly unique building you can even combine materials! Whatever ideas you have, Romtec can make them a reality. If you want to learn more about our pavilions, contact our sales team to see how Romtec can help get you a site-built pavilion perfect for your project needs.

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