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Custom Building with Thatch Roofing

Romtec is well-known for designing, supplying, and constructing restroom buildings, recreation buildings, and park utility structures, but there are many different buildings that Romtec can design and supply. Recently, cabins, the Sidewalk Restroom, and log pavilions were all launched as new Romtec products. These products are exciting and have been met with fantastic reception from new and existing customers. Romtec is not done expanding! In the coming weeks, Romtec will reveal several new products that have been inspired by completed projects across the country. Here’s a preview of some of the new structures.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Building Interior

Romtec cabins are one way that parks across the country can generate revenue, but there have been many other Romtec buildings that provide the same opportunity. Romtec is expanding this category of structures to include a larger selection of new building designs. The new designs will satisfy more projects with specialized building needs. What are these new buildings? In truth, commercial buildings aren’t new at all. Romtec has completed a lot of projects that required commercial buildings for different applications. Adding new commercial buildings will offer standard designs for retail buildings, lodges, and other revenue generating structures.

Safety, Storage, and Maintenance Buildings

Secure Storage and Maintenance Building

In this category, size is everything, which means more construction materials. To meet the growing demands of producing larger buildings, Romtec has diligently improved our ability to competitively supply large buildings on a national scale. These improved shipping capabilities allow our engineering department to realistically design affordable, large concrete buildings to meet the needs of safety, storage, and maintenance. This category of new buildings will include models that can be used in large industrial sites, fire departments, storm shelters & safe rooms, and many other applications. These are buildings that Romtec has designed and constructed in past projects, but now these buildings can be configured with standard designs that can be shipped and constructed nationally at affordable pricing.

Special Use Structures

Three Post Timber Kiosk

Romtec frequently supplies small structures that are “add-ons” to a standard building projects. There structures can range from small gatehouse buildings to kiosks and sign boards. Romtec is adding a complete range of standard designs for these small, special-use structures. These additions can be added to larger Romtec projects or can be purchased for self-install. Adding these special use models will make Romtec a one-stop-shop for all types of projects.

In the coming weeks, Romtec will launch new products in these categories, but they have always been available. These new products will carry all of Romtec’s typical design capabilities, including matching existing structures, custom colors, and environmentally-friendly designs. If you have a unique or custom design request, feel free to contact our sales staff today because chances are it’s already offered. If you want to see the new products as they launch, sign-up for our email newsletters to get new product updates.

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