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High Quality Restroom Interior with Tile and Porcelain Sink Fixtures

Romtec is an experienced design-build firm that designs, supplies, and installs all types of buildings and structures, including restroom buildings for public and private applications. Each of the buildings we provide to our customers are unique designs, and include many custom features to meet the design standards or aesthetic requirements of the location. One of the most impactful design choices that will be made is choosing the material and style for the interior walls of your building. Interior walls are visually striking design features that visitors will see and experience every time they enter your restrooms, concession buildings, or shower facilities.

Attractive Black HDPE Privacy Barriers and Porcelain Sinks

There are many materials and style options available when choosing an interior wall. While Romtec can certainly include any of these materials in your design, the building codes of many states require that public restrooms, showers, and many other types of space include smooth and washable surfaces. These surfaces are easy to clean and water resistant. There are several options available that meet these health & safety codes and many are available in a wide range of colors and pattern schemes. On a typical project, Romtec typically recommends interior surface materials with FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), painted or sealed concrete, or ceramic wall tiles. Each of these options will meet the smooth & washable surface criteria and can be customized further to match existing color schemes.

FRP panels are a common material for public & commercial restrooms in large buildings. Available in textured and smooth finishes, FRP is an easy to clean surface that will withstand nearly any cleaning chemicals. FRP is installed in sections that are fastened to the wall and require little maintenance. Individual sections inexpensive to replace and can be found at many local building supply stores. FRP is a favorite for high traffic locations due to its resistance to vandalism and general wear and tear. There are many color options to choose from with FRP and these panels are often installed alongside another interior wall surface.

Multiuser Restroom with Concrete Stalls for Private Changing Rooms

Another option is to paint or seal CMU walls on the interior of your building. Unlike unsealed concrete, painted concrete & epoxy sealed concrete are not porous and will not absorb water. CMU requires little upkeep besides routine cleaning. Additionally, concrete is a durable material and will resist most forms of damage and even significant impacts. Other forms of damage, like vandalism, can easily be prevented by painting and applying an anti-graffiti coating. The advantage of painted and sealed CMU is the wide range of colors available through mixing paint or epoxy resins.

Wall tiles are flexible and impressive design tool for creating breathtaking interior restroom designs. These materials are available nationwide in many different colors and patterns. Different shapes of tiles can create unique aesthetics or match existing themes in the location. Tiles do have higher initial costs, but will last for years. Their customizability and appearance make wall tiles a preferred option in many private and luxury restrooms alike.

Interior Wall Tile and White Painted CMU with Steel Toilets

Romtec can include whichever material you prefer into the design of your building. Considering the long term maintenance requirements and visual appeal of the walls is an important aspect of your building’s design. Combining two or more of these surface materials is a great way to create new and interesting designs to maintain visual themes in a location or create new ones. Wall tiles, concrete walls, and FRP panels are only three options of many materials that can be used throughout your building. Contact Romtec today for more information about choosing interior design features for your building!

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