Romtec Gatehouse Versatility

Park Entry Gatehouse

Gatehouses from Romtec are one of our most versatile types of buildings. These buildings have a small footprint, but they can have a big impact in many different applications. From park entries to ticket booths, gatehouses from Romtec can be configured to meet many needs for interacting with guests and visitors to your facility. Romtec also provides custom design options to help our customers get the exact gatehouse they want.

One of the most common applications for a gatehouse is as an entry point for parks, campgrounds, parking lots, and other locations. Entry gatehouses can be simple, basic buildings with a door and a window, and they can range up to large buildings with covered drive-through ports, restrooms, office space, and other considerations. Romtec can also include additional features for entry points such as large signage, information kiosks, and public restrooms.

Gatehouse with Sliding Ticket Window

Other common uses for Romtec gatehouse buildings include information booths, rental counters, 24-hour guardhouses, and toll booths. Each application has its own specific needs and criteria for success, and Romtec offers the design options needed to meet any location requirements.

Gatehouses can simultaneously need to act as an office, a retail counter, a storage room, and a customer service desk, all within a small building. In order to meet these needs, options like stainless steel counters, custom windows, security systems, HVAC, sinks, drinking fountains, roof extensions, and others all can be included in the design of the gatehouse.

Gatehouse with Multiple Windows

Romtec designs and manufactures gatehouses with the specific customer and application in mind. We offer every project the industry’s most expansive and high-quality building options, but we can also design gatehouse buildings to be very economical. These versatile structures can do just about anything you want them to, and Romtec can supply the perfect building for your project needs.

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