Self-Flush Toilets & Automatic Restroom Fixtures

Single User Restroom with Patterned Tile Walls and Epoxy Floor

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs restroom buildings and other public use facilities for all types of applications. There are a variety of restroom accessories and fixture options available on the market, and Romtec can include any of these in our buildings. Self-flushing toilets, touchless faucets, and other automatic restroom features are relatively new options that offer several distinct advantages for restroom owners and users. These accessory options are constantly improving to meet current standards and can help owners save water, improve hygiene in the facility, and last longer than traditional fixtures.

Restroom Interior with Custom Concrete Partitions

Saving water and power is one of the most significant advantages of choosing automated restroom fixtures. Using motion sensors to activate faucets greatly reduces the amount of water that is wasted when washing hands. Automatic soap dispensers, hand-dryers, and paper towel dispensers will also greatly improve how visitors use resources. Years ago there were several tests conducted on the efficiency of self-flushing toilets, and many concluded that they actually used more water than manual operated toilets. However, many modern models of these toilets have been rigorously tested to meet US EPA standards. Look for the WaterSense label on toilets and faucets to verify they meet efficiency standards. Cost savings are not the only advantage of going with automatic features, visitors will often appreciate these options for the hygienic value they offer.

When using a public restroom there is a common practice to make as little physical contact with surfaces as possible. In a typical setting without automatic restroom visitors have to at least touch the toilet and the sink. Installing motion sensors on these fixtures can eliminate the opportunity for cross contamination and prevents users from touching faucets after washing their hands. This is the most effective way to reduce necessary contact and offer the cleanest experience for users. Additionally, motion sensors are incredibly accessible and can be easily used by anyone regardless of limitation. These automated fixtures also reduce the opportunity for mistreatment and vandalism by having few exposed parts to manipulate.

Porcelain Toilet in Restroom with Tile Walls

In public restrooms users will frequently use their feet to flush toilets as a way to avoid contact with them. Not only does this make them even dirtier for the next person, but the force exerted on them causes them to break down even faster. Removing handles toilets, faucets, and soap dispensers also removes opportunity for misuse. This also means that components will have a longer life. However, even automatic toilets and fixtures require occasional maintenance or they can malfunction leading to sensors becoming too sensitive or unable to detect motion entirely. One common symptom of an unmaintained or improperly installed motion sensor is “ghost flushing” on self-flushing toilets. This issue and others like it are rare when proper maintenance is performed according to manufacturer guidelines. Altogether the benefits automated restroom fixtures provide make them a great choice for any restroom application.

Clean Porcelain Sinks with ADA Lav Guards and Hand Dryers

Automatic restroom fixtures offer numerous advantages for public restrooms, especially in high traffic applications. Romtec can provide any brand or style of self-flushing toilet, automatic soap dispenser, or motion activated faucet into the design and supply of your restroom building. Their automated functionality provides these fixtures with a great advantage and are considered some of the most sanitary and accessible options available. Contact Romtec today for more information about automated restroom fixtures and get started on your restroom building design!

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