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Multiuser Shower Restroom Building for Lake Campground

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs high quality restrooms and many other styles of buildings for outdoor recreational spaces across America. These facilities fulfill different roles in their locations and will often require specific features or components for their application. Over the years, Romtec has developed several specialized buildings for applications we encounter frequently, including buildings for campgrounds. Most developed campgrounds offer their campers access to several basic amenities to make their visit more comfortable and enjoyable and these facilities are often provided in a campground building.

Attractive Campground Shower with Shingled Roof and Dormers with Windows

The purpose of every specialized campground building from Romtec is to meet the needs of both the owners and the campers who will be using them. Understanding the culture and needs of your campground and visitors is a great place to begin the design of any campground building. There are many different types of campgrounds in the country and no two are exactly the same. The size of the campground, location and proximity to other resources onsite, and access to utility connections are all important factors to consider when designing a building for your campground.

There are countless options available when designing campground buildings. Each application is different, but there are some amenities that are universally beneficial in most campgrounds. Restrooms and showers are one example and are provided in most campgrounds with access to utilities. It is important for campers and staff to have access to restrooms and showers to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in developed campgrounds. Even remote campgrounds will often provide vault restrooms to campers. Besides these essential features, there are a number of other additions that can be made to your campground building that can enhance the visitors experience in your campground.

Four-Room Waterless Restroom with Covered Entryway

Romtec’s flexible design process allows us to meet any and all design requirements, including visual designs and functionality. Campground buildings are available in all sizes in a variety of layouts and configurations. From simple restrooms with showers to large lodges with staff offices, Romtec will add or remove rooms as needed to meet your campgrounds needs. All of these buildings can include any custom features, like bulletin boards, benches, and even laundry machines. Romtec will typically not provide the supply of some items, like washers and dryers for example, but can make sure that the design of the building will accommodate them with the appropriate utility connections.

Large Camp Restroom with Utility Sink and Skylights

Campgrounds in America are treasured locations for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Providing modern and accessible amenities in campgrounds will greatly improve the experience for all campers. Each campground is different and will require special consideration on which facilities are included. Romtec is skilled at designing, supplying, and constructing buildings specialized for campgrounds and can include any custom design features, including visual design elements and hardware/accessory preferences. Talk to a Romtec Salesperson today for more information and get started on your campground building project!

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