Staging and Palletizing a Romtec Building

Romtec Pallet Ready for Delivery with Weather Protection

Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs buildings and shelters for all types of public use applications. Each building project has unique requirements from the design all the way through construction. Romtec’s expertise helps clients get the exact building they want through a wide variety of processes, such as competitive bidding, public procurement, turnkey, prefabrication, and more. To make our buildings and structures the best for our customers, Romtec has an effective packaging process for palletizing the building components. Our building packages offer a wide-range of benefits like speed, comprehensiveness, and storage. Let’s take a look at the process first.

Delivery of a Romtec Building Package with Preassembled Truss

Constructing a building is a step by step process that starts prior to a foundation and progresses all the way through the finishing details. This progression rarely deviates through several stages. First, the foundation must be “roughed in” with piping and/or conduit for the building. Then, the foundation is poured. After the foundation, walls are erected with door frames, window frames, lentils, and other hardware options. Then, the roof structure is constructed. The next stage involves all exterior finishes like paint, siding, and roofing materials. The final stage is referred to by many as “top out” and involves all of the interior connections, components and finishes.

Contractors and professional building installers can be very fast constructing a building from conventional materials, and for some, a “packaged” building kit can slow them down if the kit interferes with the typical construction process. Romtec palletizes our buildings into “stages” for the construction process. Each stage includes all of the materials, installation instructions, and plans for that stage. This helps the contractor move quickly through the construction process while also purchasing materials that are not supplied by Romtec. Staging also helps the construction process by timing deliveries to arrive as they are needed, but in most scenarios, the entire building package arrives together.

Romtec Building Supply Shipment for Site-Built Structure

Each construction stage will have multiple pallets, and each package is comprehensive for that stage. Our construction documentation includes an itemized scope for the contractor to let them know what is in their shipment, what is provided by Romtec, and when scope is in their court. Palletizing the building materials is also very cost-effective because of a cost-saving tactic called “drop-shipping.” Drop shipping is for items that can be sourced local to the job site without having to be shipped to Romtec. This is advantageous for the contractor and the end owner.

The final major advantage for palletizing and staging a building is that it makes the materials much easier to store. Construction projects can take a lot of time and involved many different organizations. Due to scheduling, weather, budget, or other extending scenarios, buildings can be completely manufactured and delivered but are not ready for construction. Romtec’s staged pallets and shrink wrapped for nominal weather protection and temporary storage. Additionally, the pallets are typically stackable, which means a lot of materials can be stored in a small space on a jobsite or at the contractor’s facilities.

Shrink Wrapped Supply Pallets on Delivery Truck

Romtec has completed thousands of building projects, working with numerous contractors and constructors. Over the years, their feedback (and that of our own crews) has helped our staging and palletizing of buildings become very friendly for contractors. Additionally, this process s helps building owners get the exact building they want with all of the exact materials specified in the plans. If you want to learn more about how Romtec palletizes complete buildings for construction in all 50 states, contact us today!

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