The Benefits of adding a Covered Porch to Your Park Building

Multi-User Restroom with Extended Roof

Romtec designs, manufactures, delivers, and installs many different buildings that are perfect for parks and recreation settings. These buildings include restrooms, concession stands, gatehouses, storage buildings, storm shelters, and retail buildings. We also make control buildings for splash pads, irrigation controls, and other park maintenance applications. On any of our building models, Romtec can add roof extensions to create all-purpose porches that provide owners a lot of great benefits. Here are some of the reasons to consider adding a porch to your park building.

The great thing about roof extensions and porches is that they look great. These simple design features can dramatically improve the appearance of any building and park. You can add log columns and trusses for an outdoorsy look suitable for any park location. You can also get your extension cantilevered for a modern look that doesn’t have any support columns. With powder-coated metal, rough-sawn timber, and many custom options available, Romtec can turn any building into a stylish feature that will increase the beauty and value of your park.

Attractive Covered Area on Concession

Porches are comfortable in any setting and for any person. They protect entrances from Mother Nature and protect visitors and staff from wind, snow, rain, and sun, creating a comfortable space for any season. For many buildings, porches and roof extensions can be sized to be used as dining or event areas. This takes a simple building and creates an open-air feature for enjoying many park activities. For communities that host events at their parks, having a covered area is a perfect convenience for these activities. This is especially true for concession buildings.

Another advantage of adding a porch is that they protect your building as well as your park guests. They prevent things like mud, water, and leaves from getting tracked into a building, which can increase the maintenance needs of any facility. Additionally, in areas where snow is common, porches prevent snow drifts from impeding building entrances and causing accessibility and maintenance concerns. Porches can also be a place to store tables, benches, and other park accessories during extreme weather for temporary protection. This is an inexpensive alternative to requiring a storage building.

City Park Restroom with Stone Wainscoting

Porches are great features on any building. Aside from creating visual interest and providing a welcoming structural feature, porches offer practical advantages for building and park maintenance. Romtec can provide all types of aesthetic options to get you the porch that you need for your park. Please contact Romtec today to learn about our options for porches and for any other building features that you need for your park or recreation facility.

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