Why You Should Consider Stucco

Stucco Siding On Restroom

Romtec supplies buildings designed with exterior and interior stucco finishes. This wall finish material has a distinct appearance that lends itself to regions like the Southwest, but it is also diverse and can be applied to create many different appearances. Stucco is a terrific option for restrooms and other buildings because it is easy to maintain, it adds style, and it offers other significant benefits.

Stucco is easy for building owners to maintain. Once a building is designed and installed, the stucco is applied in the color, thickness, and style desired. After application, there is nothing to do for maintenance unless there is vandalism, graffiti, or accidental damage. More stucco can easily be applied in the event of these circumstances or can be painted over if desired. Stucco resists severe weather and moisture incursion, and it also resists large temperature changes. Stucco is widely considered the lowest maintenance siding option.

In some locations, stucco is almost a requirement, but it can add style to any building in any geographic location. Some customers need themed buildings to represent arid climates. On one project for a zoo in New Jersey, stucco was installed on a restroom building in the “Big Cat Exhibit.” The stucco siding gave the building a thematic style to recall a desert region. In another area of the park, stucco was applied to a large concession building. The stucco on this building provided a rustic quality that added to the “wild” character of the zoo.

Stucco is diverse in its appearance options. Not only can stucco be applied in different colors and textures, but it can also include other aesthetic additions. In some situations, aggregate such as pea gravel is added to stucco finishes. This can also be done with quartz fragments or smooth glass pebbles. Stucco offers a wide range of style beyond the popular Spanish and adobe styles.

Beyond maintenance and style, stucco provides additional benefits such as insulation, fire resistance, and more. Stucco has a better R-value (thermal resistance) than other siding options. This means that in cold weather a stucco building will stay warmer longer and that in hot weather it will stay cool. Higher R-values also mean that buildings with stucco resist fire better than other materials, making these buildings safer and less money to insure. Another benefit of stucco is that it won’t go out of style. Stucco has been around for centuries and has been a popular and time-honored building material. Getting a building with stucco means that there is no need to worry about changing building trends.

Romtec can design buildings with many different types of siding, and stucco buildings are always a popular choice for new projects. To see more about Romtec’s capabilities with stucco, visit our design solutions gallery to see more of our stucco buildings.

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