Riverside Park with Stone Base Exterior

Adding Specialty Park Experiences in Colorado

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Riverside Park with Stone Base Exterior

Romtec completes buildings and structures with all design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation work offered through a single partner. This type of offering allows Romtec to work on parks and recreation projects across the United States. In some regions, parks are valuable community resources with extra attention paid to the quality of the facilities and the types of features the parks offer. In these locations, it is not unusual to see innovative forms of recreation offered at their parks. One project from 2016 in Sheridan, Colorado included a number of interesting features and an exciting new recreation opportunity at the recently updated South Platte River Run Park.

Riverfront Park in Urban Area

Aesthetics at South Platte River Run Park

Many new updates were added to the park, and a lot of them were cosmetic and environmental improvements to improve the parks aesthetics and natural resources. Among the major improvements were the habitat along the river corridor, natural appearance of park features, improved water recreation, replacing river stability structures, a new pavilion, and of course, a new Romtec restroom. These major improvements improved the fish habitat and provided easier and more natural ways for fish to navigate upstream. The bank improvements stabilized the riverbanks with natural vegetation that also improved the appearance of the park. This attention to both the environmental and end-user improvements requires a high degree of planning to budget and procure all the necessary park elements.

The river stabilizing structures we primarily a way to improve fish habitat, but with innovative approaches, these utilitarian structures became recreational opportunities. Each structure channels water into a stable manmade wave that can be ridden on a surfboard. The two waves are designed to operate at the typical flow rate that is released from the upstream reservoir, providing a consistent ride during the summer months. A large pavilion includes a multitiered roof structure with “Colonial Red” roofing that is used elsewhere in the community. Romtec would need to match the specific roof color and stone columns of the pavilion that was added.

Matching Restroom Building with Park Structures

The Practical Aspects

The Romtec restroom fits into this park beautifully. In a community project of this scale, a lot of attention is paid to the recreation and enjoyment of the park. Communities completing projects of this scale rely on an engaged and satisfied population willing to fund these types of investments in the community. It can be tempting to focus on the “fun” aspects and forget about the practical aspects. On this project, the attention paid to the restroom building was on par with the effort of the park in total. Customers this engaged get the best out of each element in their parks. Romtec was able to supply a matching restroom with several visual features that tied the restroom building into the park as a whole.

Riverfront Park in Urban Area

Cohesive Visions for the Best Parks and Recreation Settings

The South Platte River Run Park is a great example of a city providing the very best in parks and recreation opportunities for its visitors. When would you ever dream of being able to say you “went surfing in Colorado?” Tying together environmental, recreational, structural, and many other disciplines together into a cohesive vision requires attention and planning at a very high level. The City of Sheridan and its partners on this project were able complete a great new experience for visitors. You can visit our project gallery to see more of the great parks and recreation projects completed with Romtec buildings across the country.

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