Crane Placing a Sidewalk Restroom

Advantages of Set-in-place Installation

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Romtec has provided “set-in-place” installation for a long time. Now, we are providing the set in place advantages to the Sidewalk Restroom. Owners can now contract for “turnkey” design, supply, and installation from a single source with the Sidewalk Restroom. The installation process is quick and economical.

Assembly and Preparation for Placement

At Romtec’s manufacturing facility, each sidewalk restroom is completely assembled. Toilets are installed, lights are wired if included, and the door is mounted. The only step between this installation stage and a fully functional facility is setting to the foundation and connecting plumbing and electricity if necessary.

Crane Placing a Sidewalk Restroom
A Sidewalk Restroom is set in place.

Foundations and Utility Connections

Romtec designs every foundation with utility connections for each specific location. These plans allow Romtec or any contractor to quickly and completely prepare the concrete foundation. With the prefabrication and site preparation complete, the building ships to the site location. Then a boom crane offloads the structure and places it directly on to the concrete pad and foundation supports for installation.

Finally, the sewer, water, and possibly electrical tie-ins are connected, and the frame is bolted to the supports. Viola! The process is complete. Set in place installation is that easy, and it provides a lot of savings in terms of time and money. If you have more questions about the Sidewalk Restroom or the set in place installation process, visit the Sidewalk Restroom page or call Romtec at (541) 496-3541.

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