Poly Toilet Riser Being Packed by Mule

Back Country Waterless Restroom

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Poly Toilet Riser Being Packed by Mule
A Toilet Riser Transported by Mule

Romtec recently supplied a toilet riser for a waterless restroom that went on an interesting journey to a remote location. Romtec was founded when the toilet riser was patented in 1978. Ever since, our polyethylene risers have become the national standard for waterless restrooms. If you’ve ever explored America’s wilderness, you’ve probably seen Romtec’s waterless toilets. This project required a restroom deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains northeast of Fresno, CA, and a Romtec toilet riser took a one-way mule trip in to the Chamberlain Camp.

The Chamberlain Camp was previously a cattle camp that is now operated by the San Joaquin Sierra unit of the Back Country Horsemen, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting back country wilderness. You can read more about the organization at its website. The Chamberlain Camp will be used as place where the Back Country Horseman can introduce riders to back country riding. It is a great access point to many trails that can be done in a single day.

The restroom was entirely constructed from materials that were packed in over the course of 3 days, including the Romtec Riser. At Romtec, we love to see all the beautiful and interesting places where our restrooms and restroom accessories are installed. If you stumble across a Romtec structure, please share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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