Finished Log Post Pavilion

Brush Creek Pavilion

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Finished Log Post Pavilion

Customers really love Romtec’s log pavilion designs, and this new structure designed for and implemented at Brush Creek, Wyoming is one of the biggest Romtec has built to date. Even though log pavilions are a newer Romtec product, it has proven to be a successful product launch and several log pavilions have recently been installed around the United States. This particular design-build project is impressive in terms of the size, the design and the beautiful location.

Log Post Pavilion Being Installed

This pavilion at Brush Creek is over 1,400 sq. ft. of covered surface area that can accommodate a large number of park patrons, great for community events, small picnics or simply a good resting spot for hikers. The roof trusses include prominent 32-foot-long Douglas Fir logs that are 14-inches-thick. These large logs are impressive to add to an aesthetic natural look to any structure, and on this pavilion, they add a touch of grandeur to a rustic structure.

Log Post Pavilion in Park

A 40-foot-long wind break on this log pavilion serves the practical purpose of providing a hospitable and comfortable recreation area, and it also adds an eye-catching feature that enhances the appearance of the area. Included in the design and supply were four, 6-foot-long log picnic tables that were custom-designed by Romtec. High tolerances for wind and snow loading were included by customer request to handle the considerable severe weather demands in that area. This pavilion also includes electrical lighting.

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