Steep Post Pavilion On Campground Site

Campground Restrooms and Structures

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Steep Post Pavilion On Campground Site
Willis Tucker Steel Pavilion

Romtec, Inc. manufactures restroom buildings and other park structures for a wide variety of applications, and one of the most appropriate locations for a Romtec structure is in a campground, hiking destination, or RV park. When spending time outdoors, it is a requisite for most people to have easy access to clean and odorless restroom facilities, as well as protection from the elements. From the very beginning, Romtec has worked with the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Department of Agriculture, and many other organizations to responsibly improve our nation’s access to outdoor resources.

Waterless Restrooms for Rural Sites

Our business model lends itself particularly well to campground locations. Typically, these sites have small footprint requirements and are located off the beaten path. Romtec’s pre-engineered building packages with site-built construction have no problem being constructed away from roads or heavy equipment. Our waterless restroom models also make utilities unnecessary to provide facilities for outdoor recreation.

Maintenance Storage Buildings for Campgrounds

Beyond restroom facilities, Romtec offers a number of additional structures useful for recreation sites. One of our varying sizes of storage/utility buildings can be designed to house maintenance equipment, machinery, or recreational equipment. This can be anything from snowmobiles, lawnmowers, or golf carts to chainsaws, volleyball nets, or disc golf baskets. These buildings are secure and durable, making them perfect for remote locations.

Shade Structures

Romtec also supplies pavilions and shade structures in timber, steel, stone, block, and log posts. These are great structures for providing a hospitable dining or relaxation environment. The options for construction materials also ensure that each structure will match the character or environment of every park.

Shower Facilities for All Campers

One final type of building for use in these applications is the restroom-shower facility. These buildings range from reasonably small (while meeting ADA guidelines) to very large for more popular locations or event-hosting sites. Showers can help make a long vacation, fishing trip, or outdoor festival much more comfortable for all people involved.

Depending on which hedgehog you pay attention to, the start of spring can vary a bit, but officially, the season kicked off March 20th with the Vernal Equinox. This means a lot of people are going to start shaking off the hibernation routine and planning for Memorial Day and the following summer months. Keep an eye out for Romtec facilities as they are located across the entire country. If you happen across one, lets us know how you like it! See us on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. In negotiations for an RV park. It was previously a mobile home park. There will need to be bathrooms/showers at some point because we plan on having some tent camping/glamping.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your emphasis on the significance of well-maintained restrooms in campgrounds. Clean and functional facilities make a huge difference, especially for families with young children or people with mobility challenges. It’s reassuring to know that many campgrounds are taking this aspect seriously and investing in modern restroom facilities.

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