A Six-Room Restroom Shower Building

Restroom-Shower – Carlyle, IL

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Custom ADA Restroom and Shower Building

The Project

The City of Carlyle had a multi-use park with basketball courts, an outdoor ice-hockey area and beautiful picnic spots for the general public. They required a durable structure that would meet the needs of all users. The uses of the park meant that both restrooms and shower rooms were required, but the city wanted individual rooms that would allow for privacy for one, handicapped access, as well as meeting the needs of families with children. Components and fixtures needed to be commercial grade, yet family friendly. They needed to be strong and durable fixtures, yet easy to clean and maintain. The building needed to be easily winterized, and offer heating in the cold winter months. The exterior required would be clean and simple, yet attractive and inviting to the patrons.

The Solution

Romtec designed a custom six-unit restroom shower building that met all the needs of the city and then some. They used a simple and clean split-face exterior with a custom brick red metal roof with skylights. Each individual room is lockable from the inside and offers a toilet, sink, shower, and benches, meeting the needs of individuals, those requiring assistance, as well as adults with children. Individual rooms with unisex signage offer security and peace of mind for watchful adults with children, increases the capacity of the structure and enhances the flexibility of everyday use, or one-of-a-kind planned events. Whether hosting mens hockey practice or girls basketball, every room has the potential to serve the patrons and the entire structure can be fully utilized. Romtec provided a winterizing kit for blocking air vents in the winter and supplied heating units sufficient to warm every room, offering a welcome respite for those cold hockey players wanting to take advantage of the winter recreation offered by the city.

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