Cedar Shake Siding

Restroom-Shower Facility – Cascade Locks, OR

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The Project

The Cascade Locks Campground required restroom and shower facilities for its patrons, as well as a maintenance and storage area for equipment and supplies. The space needed to be able to also serve as an office space for the maintenance supervisor. The campground wanted unisex single user rooms each providing either a restroom or shower, each lockable from the inside. This approach offers campers more flexibility and better usage of limited space. They wanted a rustic look in keeping with the character of the campground. Each room needed to be ADA accessible and family friendly. They required high quality commercial fixtures that would stand the test of time, but with a non-industrial and inviting feel. All materials needed to be easy to clean and maintain, showing durability and quality but again having the homey feel the campground was looking for.

The Solution

Romtec designed a longer version of our Sierra Quattro building that would accommodate the unisex and handicapped accessible toilet and shower rooms as well as a large storage/office area. They provided commercial china fixtures that look like home but hold up to the demands of a commercial environment. Each restroom and shower room allows for individual use while also accommodating those with special needs as well as those adults with a few kids in tow. All are afforded the ease of use, privacy and security they want. A unique cedar-shake siding was chosen for the exterior, giving that beach bungalow look that will appropriately grey with age and weather affects. The Cascade Locks Campground received an attractive facility, meeting all of the needs of their patrons, designed specifically to their unique requirements.

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