Camp Oski

Custom Restroom-Shower – Pinecrest, CA

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The Project

Camp Oski required multiple buildings covering a myriad of uses. They had one-of-a-kind design requirements, needing the buildings to match existing structures and blend in with the rustic aesthetics of an old fashioned camp in the woods.
Heavy winter snows had to be addressed in the pitch of the roof, as well as the inability to use skylights while needing the functionality of natural lighting.

Other requirements were large and functional restrooms and showers that are easy to clean and maintain, but very attractive both inside and out. Camp Oski needed a long term solution with sturdy components that would be attractive and stand up to the elements over the long run.

They wanted tile interiors and counter tops at the sinks for the comfort and use of the campers. Air conditioning was a must, as well as good lighting utilizing attractive and durable fixtures.

The Solution

Romtec designed a custom comfort station that enhances instead of detracts from the natural setting. The restroom-shower building is a large and spacious structure that is pleasing to the eye, yet meets every need and function the customer could want. Romtec designed three custom dormers on each side in keeping with the look of existing structures at the camp, as well as using them to enhance the natural daylight and bring it inside the building. A stunning truss detail was added to the roof extension that offers cover from inclimate weather as well as a place for camp postings and water access outside of the restrooms or showers.

Romtec provided 30 year asphalt composition shingle roofing over a steeper pitched roof to handle the winter snow loads. The exterior was covered with Fiber Cement lap siding painted a natural brown and matching privacy screens serve their purpose as well as enhance the overall look.

All components in the restroom-shower building such as the doors, frames, windows, vents, toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, benches, drinking fountain, mirrors, and restroom stall dividers are heavy duty commercial grade products that are still functional and very attractive, offering long life, durability, functionality, and beauty.

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