Octagonal Buildings on Huntington Beach Pier

Case Study: Huntington Beach, CA (Surf City, USA)

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Custom Hexagonal Building on Pier
Custom Shops on the Huntington Pier

The Project

The Pier at Huntington Beach California is a landmark attraction that focuses attention to the City center, literally extending downtown out over the water. It is an Icon that is recognized by people around the world, and home to the best surfing in California.

On the pier, vendors supplied their own portable structures to sell their goods for over 10 years. They were allowed to provide temporary storage for their goods until the City could provide permanent structures for lease. This temporary permit lasted 20 years, but ultimately in 2008 the project was funded and formally approved.

The upcoming project for the permanent structures provided numerous issues to overcome, and heavy engineering involving the interaction of several departments. Huntington Beach Staff was instrumental in collaborating with Romtec’s Engineers to provide necessary information, and as-builts. The goal was to have the buildings partially constructed offsite and installation/assembly completed on the pier in May, 2009. They wanted to have one of the buildings prepared to provide a food and beverage concession for future uses that had its own ADA-accessible restroom, as well as a separate area with a mop sink. The goal design for Huntington Beach City Council was for the three new permanent visitor-serving buildings on the Municipal Pier to match the columns and arches similar to the existing restroom design for the building on the third platform.

The Solution

Romtec designed three custom retail buildings that met all of the needs of their patrons, and designed specifically to their unique requirements.

Romtec was honored to receive a call from Project Manager Dave Dominguez asking if we could provide the turnkey design. Romtec immediately began drafting preliminary designs based on the requirements provided, and before long we had gained approval and a Notice to Proceed. Two, custom Romtec buildings were installed on the well-known Huntington Beach Pier. The buildings were designed to match the existing style of the pier and to provide new shop spaces for vendors in Surf City, USA.

This was a fun project that really demonstrates the diversity of Romtec’s construction services. With cooperation between the City, Romtec, and associated contractors, all the challenges were overcome, the projects completed on schedule and, the ribbon cutting was held in September of 2009. Working with the City as a team, we were successful in providing the citizens of Huntington Beach with attractive, durable structures that will serve the community for decades to come.

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