Western Themed Stucco Restroom Building

Case Study: Turtleback Zoo’s Big Cat Exhibit

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Western Themed Stucco Restroom Building
Themed Restroom with Stucco and Log Post Wing Walls
Log Accents Improve the Western Motif

The Project

The City of West Orange at Turtleback Zoo recently added a “Big Cat Exhibit,” to their outstanding upgrades they have been doing over the past few years. The exhibit has become very popular since it opened in 2011, bringing thousands of people in to see the big cats in their new homes; the exhibit has two jaguars and two cougars. Since they started the upgrades to the zoo and began to add this outstanding exhibit they needed to include a restroom facility into their plans. They wanted an “Adobe” style restroom facility that would prevent people from leaving the exhibit to find a restroom facility, it needed to be ADA accessible, storage/utility room for cleaning equipment, and it needed to fit right in with the landscape of “Cat County.”

The Solution

Romtec could not wait to get started on designing this unique building! For this western theme, Romtec designed a rustic stucco building with log features and stone accents. This restroom is complete with two ADA restrooms, drinking fountains, and a utility room for supplies. The building also provides exterior sinks to accommodate the Zoo’s nearby petting and feeding exhibit. The new restroom facility is environmentally friendly to save water and reduce waste. With the new restroom in place, patrons will no longer have to leave the area of the beautiful exhibit to find a restroom facility.

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