Concrete Masonry Unit Blocks on Building

More Than Public Restrooms

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Concrete Masonry Unit Blocks on Building
Romtec’s Concrete Construction

Anyone familiar with the Romtec brand could tell you that Romtec is all about public restroom facilities, and they would be mostly right. Romtec manufactures public restrooms. Whether attached to a shower building, a concession stand, or storage shelter, public restrooms are the proverbial golden goose of Romtec’s business. Lost in this, however, is the fact that Romtec is a premier manufacturer of cost-effective concrete buildings for a large variety of purposes.

Buildings for Housing Control Systems

A good starting place when talking about concrete buildings are control buildings. Romtec frequently partners with our sister company, Romtec Utilities, to supply control buildings for municipal, commercial, and industrial pump and lift stations.

Control buildings are valuable because they can house a variety of control systems where concerns like safety, vandalism, and severe weather might interfere with normal control operations. If these concerns are legitimate for a system owner/operator, control buildings can be a huge factor in financial savings over the life cycle of any system.

Control Building Sizes and Accessories

Romtec manufactures several different types of control buildings. A relatively new addition that has become quite popular is our small shed-style control buildings. These compact concrete buildings have a single-pitch roof and CMU block walls. From there, Romtec control buildings range up to very large models with about 950 square feet of floor space. These larger concrete buildings are configured with roll-up doors and Lexan windows for natural lighting. Romtec also manufactures models with sheet metal siding and other custom features such as eye-wash/emergency shower station, HVAC systems, wall insulation packages, and more. These features make sure that sensitive equipment or system components can be operated and maintained in an appropriate environment.

Concrete buildings can serve other functions besides acting as control buildings; they also make terrific utility buildings as well. Utility buildings are always valuable additions to large parks, campgrounds, sports complexes, RV parks, golf courses and other recreational areas. Utility buildings will typically be configured with a more “bare-bones” approach because they house standard cleaning or maintenance equipment that will not need to be fussed over.

Extra Space for Maintenance Equipment

Everything from commercial mowers to snowmobiles to tractors/UTVs can be stored in one of Romtec’s secure concrete buildings, minimizing the concern for theft or vandalism. There is also plenty of additional space for surplus equipment and supplies. There are limitless examples of practical uses for utility buildings, and Romtec can supply low-cost design-build solutions for any scenario.

Romtec is rightly thought of as a public restroom company, but we do manufacture other types of concrete buildings. Check out our website to see if you are interested in control buildings, utility buildings, kiosks , or pavilions. Romtec always strives to bring more to our customers. What other types of buildings do you want to see Romtec build?

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